The Chattanooga Masonry Association has deep roots in the development and construction of our proud city. The earliest members recall meetings back in the 1950’s made up primarily of Union Masonry contractors and suppliers from the region.

They would meet at the Tomlinson Restaurant (founded by Robert Tomlinson in 1935 post depression) on McCallie avenue in the evening. After several years and the restaurant closing they moved the meeting to the Town & Country on the North Shore (Walgreens on North Market now) where they would have dinner and discuss best practices and work on the local Buyers Design Guide to assist in budgeting Masonry Related projects for the Architectural Community.

In the late 1980’s the Association came up with the Trowel awards which hangs in several Architectural firms around the area to recognize excellent design in Masonry.

The next large scale project for the Masonry Association was the Works in Public in Memory of Rober Cloud Seals. The contributions of time, vision and product by Artists, local Association Members and General Shale Brick can be seen all around the river city.

The Brick couch is one of our more notable projects and has popped up on Social media threads all across the world. #brickcouch

Our latest generation of members invite you to attend a local meeting which is held every month on the first Wednesday to hear about our latest promotions of the masonry trade in the area.